Recycling, But It’s Off

Product/Stilllife Photography, Stopmotion, Double Channel Video Installation, Audio


Image: 610x340mm, Lustre Print on cardboard

Installation: Two channel video on two 24-inch screens.

«Recycling, but it‘s off» is an image and video project that explores the theme of recycling and upcycling. It gives an unconventional twist to the typical representation of product photography and videography. The project also works as an installation and consists of an image depicting a clean perfume ad that was created in studio using an specific angle and printouts to create the jazz club ambiente which is surreal as i never was there. It is accompanied by a double video screening. The video component showcases the process of recycling and upcycling in a catching but buggy manner, aimed to start dialogue about the importance of sustainability and waste reduction.

Exhibition view: