Wear Flipflops!


You forgot them. So you bought some new ones at the shop and made it in. You see people and people see you. Do you talk to them, or do you just don‘t care and mind yourself.
Bathing was an important part of the Roman lifestyle, which wasn’t only refreshment for the body and soul, but also an enrichment to their social life. The culture was started in Pannonia (a province of the Roman Empire from 9 to 433 AD) by the soldiers. The military and their soldiers were the first to build baths in the region. Shortly after the wealthy Romans started to build their own baths in their mansions. Many springs rise to the surface by themselves and made it possible for the people to build baths. A lot of the baths were built independently, although some used the same source. The Hungarian bath culture really started flourishing with the Ottoman era. The construction of many baths is connected to Pasha Sokollu, a Military commander of the Ottoman Empire. He led Buda for 12 years and wanted to make the city a stable military center and a livable Turkish city. Today Budapest is the thermal bath capital of the world.